Stephen O. Gunter  

 I am not the master of the brush. I am the brush for the Master.




   There are two main reasons I pursue art. First, because I am instructed by the one who gave me the talent. Second, to create tranquility and the emotions of romance for the individuals who view my work. If I can accomplish these goals, I will have completed my purpose.

I am a simple artist who is living in a complex world. My gratitude is extended to all of those who have contributed to my success.

Thank you.

The importance isn't where we leave from, but where we arrive. I was born in Columbia, SC and graduated from Airport High School in West Columbia/Springdale, SC. My interest to pursue art came at a very early age. It has always been a passion and a fulfillment to achieve an emotion with my art for others.

Stephen O. Gunter




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