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East Battery Night


East Battery Evening



Living Waters     


The Lights of Charleston
Prince of Peace

Rainbow Moonlight

Crossing Cooper River


Southern Fragrance


Gyr Falcon

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Residents of the Marsh


Palmetto of the Marsh




Pineapple Fountain




Prices of canvas Giclee's vary with size. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It's colors are permanent pigmented  inks on cotton-polyester canvas of archive quality. Each Giclee' has been thoroughly examined for any defects. The artist, Stephen O. Gunter, personally enhances each piece by applying acrylic paint in various areas. Each one contains it's own originality. The canvas is stretched over a premium grade wooden frame, then coated with a flexible clear coating that is ultraviolet protective and water resistant. Truly a fine piece of art.

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Battery Sunset
Morris Island Lighthouse
Moment to Remember
Magnolia Plantation
Magnolia Moonlight
Palm Shores
Mirror Pond Plantation

















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